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Cabinet Freshman Programs: 

Create Your Own Coordinator Position: Have ideas for UGBC's Cabinet? Don’t want to wait until next year to apply? Apply to create your own coordinator position within UGBC's Cabinet and join the student government now! (Proposed coordinator positions should involve issues you care about that are not already addressed within one of the existing coordinator positions)

Learning to Serve (LTS)Learning to Serve is primarily a second semester service and mentoring program for freshman led by a council of upperclassmen. Small groups of freshman, each led by one or two council members, spend 4-5 hours a week volunteering in the Boston community. Student involvement at placements ranges from tutoring at local schools to participating in organized activities at Boys and Girls Clubs or assisting in local homeless shelters. Bi-weekly, the small groups have bi-weekly reflections to discuss their service experiences, as well as Boston College freshman issues in general.

Mentoring Leadership Program (MLP): The Mentoring Leadership Program (MLP) is a leadership program of over 50 freshmen created to continue the process of fostering leadership skills. This is achieved through leadership workshops, a retreat, a series of community service activities, and most importantly with the pairing of the members of the program with a member of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College. The goal of the program is to give a better insight into the student government of Boston College and prepare the members to assume leadership roles in UGBC and other aspects of campus, as well as to create well-rounded leaders through service and skills workshops.

Event Management Team: As a member of the Event Management Team, you will be held accountable for the set-up and break down of all major events sponsored by Campus Entertainment. This includes, but is not limited to, the Fall and Spring Concerts, Plexapaloza, IceJam, Homecoming, Christmas Tree Lighting, etc. We need a team of 8-10 dedicated and committed students to ensure that our campus events run smoothly. There are several perks to being a member of our team. First, you will be granted free admission into all the events you work. Second, you will be able to meet the artists and performers that Boston College brings to campus. And lastly, your voice will be heard. During EM meetings, we will discuss ways to improve our events, welcoming any suggestions, ideas, and opinions you have. The commitment level for this team varies from month to month, depending on the number of upcoming events. In addition to working events, we will meet once every two weeks to bounce ideas off each other and discuss responsibilities for upcoming events. 

The application for this team is available through the following link: 

This application is due by 5pm on Friday, September 14th. If you have any questions regarding the application or responsibilities of the Event Management Team please contact Amanda Brennan at


GLC Freshman Programs 

Freshman Leadership Program: The GLBTQ Leadership Council’s Freshman Leadership Program is the means by which freshman undergraduate students can become involved with the organization. Each applicant accepted into the program will be paired with a council member who will act as the students mentor and director. The students in the program will learn about GLC’s history, how the organization functions and operates, develop leadership skills, and will build close bonds with council members. The program will consist of bi-weekly group meetings, a retreat in early October and required attendance at weekly council meetings. All freshman undergraduates interested in GLBTQ issues are encouraged to apply.  

ALC Freshman Programs 

AHANA Leadership Academy (ALA): The AHANA Leadership Academy is a freshman leadership group, which focuses on emerging freshman leaders within the Boston College community as a whole. ALA seeks to incorporate Boston College’s mission, which focuses on the development of the whole person, socially, intellectually, spiritually by providing students a space to interact, discuss, and reflect on their experiences and passions. As a result, first year students will find their voice, understanding and cultural identity. Through the many activities, retreat, volunteer opportunities and mentors ALAer’s will develop into the future leaders on this campus. 

Freshman Senate Elections

The Senate is the legislative branch of the UGBC. It is the only organization at Boston College whose members are all democratically elected by the student body. Each class year votes in five representatives among their peers to serve one-year terms as Senate members. From these 20 elected Senate members, two are elected by the Senate to serve as President and Vice President of the Senate. The power of the Senate lies in its wide breadth and scope. From legislation policy-making, and debate, to programming, fiscal oversight, and outreach, the Senate represents the student voice in its work within the UGBC. Information sessions for those interested in running for Senate will take place in the middle of September.   

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