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The Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC) is a student government created to enrich the lives of students attending Boston College. Its purpose is to serve on behalf of student’s interests and to help cultivate an engaged and caring student community. Furthermore, the student government works to actualize the rights and responsibilities of students to the greater community, while promoting growth academically, socially and spiritually.

UGBC is also a resource and ally for the various student groups. It exists to underscore pressing issues on campus and to provide additional support for student concerns. It is the goal of UGBC to foster a strong working relationship with all student organizations on campus and to work cooperatively to better the BC community.

The members of the Undergraduate Government are expected to be student leaders who represent the pulse on campus, as each member has the privileged ability to speak on behalf of the student body. These leaders should embody characteristics of respect, empathy, commitment and passion. The needs of the BC community come before the agenda of specific members in UGBC.

UGBC is an organization that will always serve the BC community on the basis of student feedback, concerns, and needs on campus. The student government has an open door, and it will continue to operate as an outlet for all students to voice their views to enhance the Boston College community.

Undergraduate Government
ALC: Cabinet: Senate: GLC:
Executive Executive Class of 2012 Executive
AHANA Caucus Communications Class of 2013 AHANA Issues
AHANA Leadership Academy Community Relations Class of 2014 Communications
AHANA Policy Campus Entertainment Class of 2015 Finance
Initiative Programming Mentoring Leadership   General Staff
Political Action and Education Student Life   Programming
Programming University Affairs   Queer Peers
Public Relations     Women's Issues
Volunteer Corps      
Women of Color Caucus      


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